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Israel's New Planetary Season

Israel entered a new planetary season in December 2022. 

Since then, Rahu, the head of the dragon energy, has been dominating.

Rahu's main element is air, which can make people feel ungrounded, confused, disoriented, claustrophobic, obsessed, and fearful. This can drive individuals to desire control, sometimes resulting in frustration and lashing out.

The confusion caused by Rahu can lead people to dive deep into conspiracy theories as a way to make sense of things. But Rahu energy is more like being in a fog; one cannot remove it but has to step out of it or wait for it to pass. Rahu in Vedic astrology also represents the outcast. A person may feel like an outsider and may grow ambition for success and recognition by others.

However, Rahu also has many beautiful aspects to offer, such as thinking outside the box, expansion, having a fantastic imagination and creativity, and having a strong drive to succeed etc.

In Israel's natal chart (Also see article), Rahu's effects will manifest mostly in relationships. If Israel was a person, having a non-classical relationship, a less stringing commitment built on giving space to each other would be beneficial. Refusing to accept this energy can lead to an aggressive, controlling relationship when one person tries to fit the other into a "box".

Rahu season is long and will stay with Israel until 2040. Although the shifting to the new season is usually the more challenging time (2022 to 2023), the energy is not going anywhere soon, and we must accept it and learn how to work with it instead of waiting for it to go away.

On March 6, Israel is moving to a new sub-season, like a sunny day in the overall winter. That will ease out some of the war and antisemitism that many people experience, and we will feel a certain relief. But the more significant change will be in September 2025, which will feel more grounded and longer.

So, how do we navigate these times? 

  • Allow yourself time to adjust to the new energy, work with the feelings and experiences that appeared from recent events, and understand that your experiences are yours and came to the surface so you can heal them. This is your karma!

  • Create healthy structures and allow freedom in the structure. 

  • Create boundaries, have access to information, news, social media, etc., but be aware when you dip into unhealthy media consumption. 

  • Understand the tendency of addiction to drama and conspiracy; this seductive energy is a desire to make sense and disperse the fog. However, there are only two ways to handle fog: wait for it to scatter or change location; in both cases, patience is the key, not aggression, frustration or victimhood. 

  • Accept your confusion, and don't allow yourself to fall into the rabbit hole. 

  • Find a practice that elevates you, such as going to the gym, yoga, learning a new skill, studying Kabbalah, Judaism, or other spiritual practices. 

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle that allows mental and physical clarity. 

  • Surround yourself with people who elevate you.

And remember, it is not your fault, but it is your responsibility to heal. Our pain is generational, and we do not want to keep passing the trauma to the next generation; we should keep the wisdom of our people and appreciate our ancestors' journey. 

That can only happen if we commit to our personal healing without looking outward, not looking for someone else to blame for our inner struggle. We are much better off promoting our case if we are healed and healthy.

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