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Self Practices

Anand Mehrotra designed Sattva Yoga to aid us in our spiritual evolution.

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  • What is the benifit of Sattva Yoga?
    Sattva Yoga practice impacts our lives in a Holistic manner; -Regulate our energy. -Refine our intellect. -Help us gain accurate and exceptional knowledge. -and much more.​
  • What is the reason to practice Sattva Yoga?
    These practices invoke elements that we want to increase, align, refine for the purpose of Evolution- In general, the practises we offer on the Self Practise page are divided to 3- -Kriya Yoga- Practices that are more Sattva Yoga focused, also known as Himalayan Kundalini and Tantric Yoga. -Japa- Practices which are only Japa, meaning repetition of a specific Mantra within a certain amount of time. -Upayas- Vedic astrology remedies- After a Vedic astrology session, we may find that certain elements / Planets require a deeper connection with, and we will invoke these Planets in our consciousness through specific practices. -For example, at times, we feel, we need more inner power, so we will practise an empowering set, we will invoke the experience of supreme power within us. Other times we will invoke Will power, Unconditional love, Abundance etc.
  • What is the duration of each Set?
    Sattva Yoga full journies are usually about 2.5 hours and have different waves within them, incorporating Pranayam, Kriya, Asana and Meditation, enabling us to evolve rapidly. ​ However, Anand created shorter versions to invoke particular elements, which is what we offer through this platform. Each method will range in time. In general, it is between 20 mins to 40 mins, so to encourage participants to practice daily.
  • What happens after I purchase the set?
    When you purchase a set, you will gain access to the program. On the first day page, you will have a link to book a 20 minutes 1:1 session with Eran. Eran will go over the Set with you during the initiation session, clarify any points and answer any questions. The Kriya sets will have both written instructions and verbal cues throughout the recorded Video practice. The Japa will have Written instructions and a recording of 108 times of the Mantra. At any point, if you are unsure, you can reach out and clarify any doubt you have.
  • What does each set includes?
    -A 20 minutes initiation zoom session with Eran, that will include Set breakdown and a conversation about the set. -A lifetime access to the module so you can at anytime practice it again. -The ability to practice at your convenient time and place. -An access to ask Eran any quastion related to the set.
Self-Practise section

Free Short Kriya sets- Youtube

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