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Sattva Yoga

Spiritual Growth

Overcome Trauma

Reduce Anxiety

Control Addictions

  • Eran is sharing the teaching of Anand Mehrotra, the founder of Sattva Yoga. This style of Yoga is intended to be available to any age, without any pre-existing knowledge. 


  • ​Classes are a combination of Silent observation, Conscious breath, Kriyas, some Asana and Mantra chanting. 

  • Anand brilliantly designs the process to help students transcend and directly experience the subtle realm of nature.

  • The practitioners leave the practice elevated, aligned, stronger and much more peaceful. 


  • The practice is empowering and accessible to almost any person, regardless of pre-existing conditions.​

Learn more about Sattva Yoga

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Like to Book a session with Eran?


In-Person, Online and Private Sessions: are available

    1. Private sessions in person- 108 AUD

    2. Private Session via Zoom- 108 AUD

  3. Kriya Yoga Mentorship- 6 weeks program - 650 AUD                        a powerful way to elevate one's consciousness.

  • One class a week via Zoom or in-person- for the duration of the program.

  • Daily home practices- every week new set will be given to help your personal growth. 

  • Follow-up phone calls- support for any questions or challenges that may arise. 

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