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Quantum Leap 

A Combination of Astrology Chart and Yoga sessions.

Spiritual Evolution

Let Go Of Old Conditions

Find Inner Bliss

Experience Freedom

The class will be designed specifically for your needs and personal vision.

We will use the birth chart to understand exactly how to raise your energy in the desired direction.

May it be overcoming challenges, life direction, self-empowerment or healing Trauma.

The combination of the Vedic Astrology Map and the Kriya Yoga practice is a powerful holistic approach. 

After the initial conversation, we will go over your birth chart and agree on the evolutionary direction, I will design Yogic practices which we will practice together and record it, so you will be able to practice using the recording for the next 7 days by yourself, within these 7 days we will stay in touch.

Each class is 60 min. 

After the 7 days, we will meet again for a new practice,

Recommended- 7 classes over 7 weeks; that will transform, transcend and expand your state of consciousness- a true quantum leap. 

Like to Book a session with Eran?


In-Person, Online and Private Sessions: are available

  • A Personal Vedic Astrology map

  • One or More Private Yoga classes to support the evolution seen in the chart

Chart+one class- $280 AUD

vedic astrology readings with Eran Byron
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