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Vedic Astrology

Life & Spiritual Direction

Personal Development



Jyotish, the eyes of the Veda is a powerful tool to empower us in our journey.

A Personal Vedic Astrology map is based on the date, time, and place of your birth.

The science of light, ancient wisdom that sheds light on who we are, our life journey and why we experience life in a certain way.

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A personal Vedic astrology map or chart is unique to each individual and unveils one's strengths and challenges, as well as how to reach our highest potential.


The Different positions of each planet reveal the karmic blueprint of the soul and what inner work needs to be done in this lifetime. 

We practice Vedic astrology to provide guidance, realign with the inner truth, implement tools for empowerment, reconcile with the past, and reveal the energies behind difficulties. 

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Learn more about your Vedic Astrology Map

with Eran

Your Vedic Astrology Session is about 75 minutes and includes a follow-up of a 30-minute conversation via phone or zoom.

Each Astrology Session is 220 AUD

During the in-depth session, we will go through your personal chart, review any changes that have occurred or is currently occurring and answer any questions that may arise.


Eran may also offer recommendations of a personalized yoga practice or sadhanas ( spiritual practices) to support you through this time. Other practices that may also be recommended are personal mantra, wearing of Jyotish gemstones, fasting and meditations. These are all to support you in your personal evolution and growth for an elegant and charming life.


Each session also includes a 30 min follow-up online conversation, via phone or zoom.


If you are interested in learning more about yourself through your Vedic Astrology map with Eran, please book in beforehand as the chart needs to be prepared prior to the meeting.

Like to Book a session with Eran?


In-Person / Online Private Sessions: are available

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