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vedic astrology readings with Eran Byron

Eran Niv


Student of Vedic Wisdom.
Vedic Astrologer.
Sattva Yoga & Meditation.
Life Coach & Mentor.

Eran was born in a small village in Israel. This is where he developed the understanding of living in a community, a fellowship that works towards a common goal. Growing up in a small society also brings emotional, spiritual challenges with it.

Being a sensitive soul, he had difficulties throughout his early childhood. His dyslexia brought hurdles at school where he was not supported, which lead to depression. He used to escape to nature, wander in the hills around his village and herd sheep; this is where he found peace and serenity.

Eran’s own spiritual journey began when he packed his bags and decided to travel to India to nurse his heart. He found his way to Osho, where he participated in many unique practices like dynamic meditation, mystic rose meditation, group and primal therapies. These therapies and techniques allowed him to overcome childhood conditions and personal challenges.

His journey took him to the jungles of Peru to take Ayahuasca, to the temples and ashrams in South India. He met many gurus and teachers who kept feeding his soul with nourishing spiritual wisdom.
Eran finally found Sattva Yoga and Master teacher Anand Mehrotra who completely transformed his life.

His own spiritual adventures and life experiences have led to his current life, living his dream with his wonderful family in one of the most beautiful places on earth. As a co-founder of the Sattva Yoga Sanctuary retreat centre, where he lives with his wife Ritika, their daughter Zohar, he is able to not only immerse himself in his best spiritual life daily but also help others to do the same.


Eran’s path required him to completely move away from his birth culture and step into the unknown. Leaving Israel in 2005, Eran released the shackles of his birth culture and religious dogma and went in search of a more aligned spiritual framework and meaning. He studied Sattva yoga directly from his master in the Himalayas and trained as a fully qualified yoga teacher.


He went on to learn about meditation and slowly reintegrate what he knew with the Jewish Kabbalah. Eran’s spiritual exploration has taken him to a full, rich life without regrets and by overcoming his own challenges he is now able to support other people to do the same.

Eran vedic astrology & sattva yoga Byron

Living a holistic yogic life where “regular” life and spiritual life are one and the same, Eran uses yoga, astrology, Sattva and Jewish teachings to design personal practices, do astrological readings and also teach.


Coaching, mentoring and inspiring others to live their highest, most authentic lives by living his own. Eran is dedicated to helping people with personal and spiritual growth that helps them to become better, happier, more peaceful, holistic human beings.

Eran’s own experiences have enabled him to relate deeply to people who want to step out of their learned family, religious and social culture in order to discover a better, more authentic life.

The practices that Eran share are:

• Sattva comprehensive yoga journeys, includes Himalayan breath work, Pranayama, kriyas, and asana.

• Vedic Meditation initiation, a personal practice that has a bottomless effect on the practitioners.

• A Vedic astrology chart reading that helps people dial in and tune in to a more profound, elegant experience of life. Each reading includes tools to make the correct changes and empower the individual.

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