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Who is Israel? Vedic Astrology Chart

Updated: Feb 19

The country of Israel Vedic Astrology Chart,

I was always intrigued by Israel. It is a powerful nation with high achieving and resilient people. Although it is very young, it has a vast and old history.

Opening Israel's Vedic Astrology chart is a fascinating exercise that enables me to realize things that were not fully clear earlier. Since I was born and raised in Israel, this clarity helps me understand certain aspects of my identity.

Israel's chart is captivating, and like any chart, there is always room for growth. Through the Vedic Astrology chart, you can see a nation that is here to work its Karma, evolve spiritually, and overcome the feeling of isolation and aloneness. However, there are also some challenges that need to be addressed.

For instance, Ketu, the Dragon's tail, is on the Ascendant, indicating high expectations and, therefore, disappointments. The inner conviction of knowing how things need to be and yet inability to manifest them usually leaves a bitter taste in experiences. Other aspects of the Vedic astrology chart show challenges in relationships: Rahu, the Dragon's head in the 7th house, is a marker for unstable relationships, the tendency to attract people who will not support your evolution, and experiences with a taste of lack and disappointment.

Despite these challenges, Israel unquestionably can be an exceptional leader with the ability to carve out a new way, not a traditional scholar.

Overcoming the need for confirmation by others through anchoring the nation's self-worth in its spirituality and its ability to stand alone will enable Israel to attain that status.

Israel's powerful 8th house shows a profound interest in the unknown, a deep, strong willingness to unravel mysteries. A sharp mind and ability for insights and intuition in many different subjects, with a strong communication impact. However, if a conscious desire to evolve is not present, an undeniable confusion, low self-worth, and fear will dominate any relationships it creates and the tendency to obsess about people's private lives, speculation, and anxiety around relationships.

The simplest solution for Israel as a nation is to dive deep and develop a spiritual practice. Israel's Moon is powerful, showing resourcefulness and the capacity to generate wealth and significant influence, strong creative entrepreneurship, and the ability to hold space for others. Still, when not appropriately supported, it can be overly emotional and take things very personally. When the Moon is not stable, the Nation will need others' recognition that leads to chronic confusion, strong arrogancy, and an inability to follow through.

Israel's planetary season shows a strong correlation between the shift of planetary influence (Dasha) and wars or big events. Considering that and looking forward, Israel is heading to a significant shift in December 2022, moving from a planetary influence of Mars into Rahu. The movement will start earlier and will be more and more noticeable toward the end of December.

Rahu, the Dragon's head, is known for creating chaos, especially during the transit from one season to another. His position in the natal chart indicates a substantial effect on the nation's relationships and overall well-being.

It's good to remember that although the people of Israel have a rich karmic past of thousands of years, as a nation, it is very young. Israel is not even in its adolescence, and the refinement of the diamond will take a few more generations.

The self-expectation for greatness, the comparison to other older nations, and the thriving desire to be the best is what feels exhausting at times. If we zoom out the spectrum of time, we can see a promising yet stumbling child that still learns the basics and needs time to make its mistakes.

In conclusion, patience and inner growth of the individuals is the key to the nation's success..

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