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Xmas 2021

As we know, Christmas can be a beautiful, loving time or can be a train wreck. When it comes to family and close friends, we tend to experience anxiety and stress as expectations are high. When we add the end of year drama, you have a lovely formula for a disaster.

Every year we promise ourselves that next year will be different, yet time after time, it feels like nothing has changed.


First, we should understand astrologically what will be the dominating energies,

If you are in North America, during the evening of December 24th, the Moon will be in an area of the sky called Purva Phalguni.

Purva Phalguni is known for its love, joy and happy energy. It is genuinely a star of unwinding and recreation. The flip side of Purva Phalguni energy is boredom and self-centred behaviour. To avoid the negative potential, ensure to allow satisfaction through affection, artistic and creative opportunities with your guests.

Make sure to be resourceful and fun, have backup games and discussions to stimulate creativity and a light-hearted attitude, stay flexible, go with the flow of the evening. Venus, the ruler of this Nakshatra, likes to be spontaneous with his creativity.

If you live in Europe, the Middle East or Australia, Christmas Eve will have a different energy. This Moon will be placed in Magha nakshatra, which is all about the ancestry, tradition, a big family gathering with classic gifts, food and songs.

Make sure to connect with your lineage. If you cannot invite everyone, call them and show respect. The energy of Magha is all about recognising our ancestors, experiencing their support in our lives, allowing their spirit to guide us.

Put a throne-like chair next to your tree to represent your ancestors or display old photos of your family. Allow your guest to be aware of the lineage, acknowledging their sacrifices with gratitude and humble appreciation.

Be aware of the flip side of Magha. It can bring stubborn egoistic conversations between people. To defuse it, guide the conversation to spirituality. For example, ask your guests if they know what spiritual techniques your ancestors practised?

The ruler of this Nakshatra, Ketu is all about past life and spirituality, so make sure to bring that to the table.

Merry Christmas.

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