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Purim 2021, Bring it ON.

This year the Jewish Holiday Purim will be celebrated on Feb 26. Purim is such a dramatic tale, full-on TelaNovela.

(See last year’s post to understand more).

Purim in short-

The beautiful Ester captivates the King of Persia, Ahasuerus, becoming the new queen and moving into the palace.

Ester and her uncle, Mordehai, open the King’s eyes to the royal Vizier Haman’s evil plan. Once the King recognizes the sinister plan, he hangs Haman, and everyone lives happily ever after (well, except Haman).

February 2021, through the eyes of Vedic Astrology;

What a Grand end to this month! So many dramatic conjunctions and celestial events

(see here this month earlier events).

No wonder it finishes with the wondrous story of Purim.

This Purim’s full moon falls in the Nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Magha.

Magha is the Royal Throne, sometimes represented by a lion or a King.

He is the kind of King that doesn’t need to impose his authority but commands it through his presence. He was born into it and is part of a royal lineage.

A dignified ruler that is naturally aware of his throne and doesn’t desire to go out and claim it.

Purim Through the Vedic astrology eyes;

In the Purim story, King Ahasuerus clearly has the Magha energy. He owns it entirely, displays his authority and demands his people’s loyalty.

Interestingly, Haman is trying to gain the Magha authority as well, but using manipulation and cunning ways to gain dominance. We can see unquestionably that by not respecting the forces in play, he ends up losing (his head).

And subsequently, Mordehai, in our story, shies away from a leadership position; however, it sneaks up on him. He ends up holding his ground with pride and respect, saves the King’s life. Leads public repentance and fasting and convincing his cousin to speak with the King.

By the end of the tale, he is totally in his leadership energy.

> Mordehai represents the third level of Magha, the leadership that wasn’t claimed yet. It shows merit from his ancestors that is slowly unravelling through his life’s events.


What can we learn this full Moon;

It is a great time to learn how to profess your Kingship. This full moon is all about inner powers. To gain that, honour your lineage, teachers, Gurus and your tradition.

A great time to buy a new big CEO chair and expand that confidence.

But remember Haman, these powers come from your ancestors. If you let it go too much to your head, you will lose their support, and therefore lose your position.

Ask your self-

  • What is my role in my family?

  • Am I following through with my family duties?

  • Am I respecting and representing my lineage well?

  • What kind of spiritual powers am I seeking? What am I willing to do to gain them?


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