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Tu Bishvat, the Jewish Holiday is celebrated from January 27 to January 28.

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

This Holy day is the time to celebrate nature, an invitation to recognise the abundance we receive through the trees and especially fruit trees.

Some communities even gather (traditionally) to plant trees during this festival.


this full Moon is also very auspicious from a Vedic Astrology perspective. The Full Moon lands in Pushya nakshatra; this auspicious lunar mansion is the time to lay foundations, plant a garden, come together, bring healing and nourishment in our families and communities.

Good time to start something new-

So, make sure to go out, express your gratitude to nature, recognize the abundance you already have, plant a tree, or work in the garden. Connect to the simplicity of life. During these intense days of world pandemic, lockdowns and conspiracies, it's important to remember what is essential in life and keep it simple.

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