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Jupiter is on the Move, April 2021

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Looking through the current Vedic Astrology telescope, we can see that the majestic Jupiter will break free from Saturn on April 7 (Australia time) and move into Aquarius.

Jupiter will transit through the water bearer sign and go direct until June 20, 2020, where he will retrograde and meet Saturn in Capricorn on September 14.

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By now, we are already feeling a little softer after the recent extraordinary full moon. This amazing moon is celebrated worldwide by ancient cultures that still use the Lunar calendar, like Hindus and Jews.

During the transition of Jupiter to its new place, it will require our attention and support; Our mental understanding will expand, and it will allow a shift in our perception; inspiration for learning, a different outlook about knowledge will rise, with it also the feeling of certain dreamy state; a less grounded sense of being, which may give rise to issues with structure and discipline.

There is a certain intensity that the planets gain when going direct or retrograde. Our attention to details to our inner and outer perception can help us successfully go through the transformation.

Until mid-April, Mars is still with Rahu, the head of the dragon. This conjunction gives us a boost of confidence, courage and outgoing energy, but it has the potential to deplete us. Remembering to retreat into solitude daily will keep us grounded with this intensity.

Daily mindfulness meditation and self-enquiry are of exceptional benefit for both Jupiter transit and Rahu Mars conjunction.

How it exactly affects you depend on your Vedic Astrology Birth Chart.

If you wish to know how the current Vedic Astrology transit affects you personally and what specific remedies you can do to support your evolution, dm me to book a reading.

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