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Its a Party

On the 11th The New Moon takes place in Capricorn in the lunar mansion of Dhanistha Nakshatra.

Exciting chart! If you read the earlier article, you can see the progression. Now Moon joins the party, and there are a total of six planets together in sidereal Capricorn.

Sun, Moon, retrograde Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn.

It looks like a dance party to me, and we are all participating if we like it or not.

It's like when the neighbour is having a party. You will be a part of it even if you are not invited.

So might as well understand the players-

  • Although few houses away, Mars is in its 'own' sign of Aries. Here the fiery planet gains intensity and is energised for action.

  • The Sun and Moon are in Dhanistha Nakshatra, a Mars-ruled lunar mansion, adding some more intensity to the situation.

  • As we know, Mercury is still retrograde until February 20th this month.

Mercury's retrograde energy will bring us back to revisit situations. We will be asked to review, revise and refine. So don't be surprised if an old issue, especially around communication, comes back.

  • Meanwhile, Jupiter and Venus are having a tight dance; this close conjunction is known as a 'planetary war' (within less than one degree from each other).

Their proximity will entangle their energy and cause a certain tension and lack of clarity.

Together, they can increase our gains and wealth. However, it can also bring up a certain sense of arrogance around us. Make sure you are part of the solution, and not of the problem. So don't find yourself sharing social media posts without discrimination.

Current New Moon and traditions

  • This New Moon in the Hindu tradition is called; Mauni Amavasya. An invitation to keep this day for silence and contemplation practice, recognising our ancestors and lineage.

  • While in the Jewish tradition, during this New Moon, we learn about Moses meditation on Mount Sinai that brought down the Covenant Code.

On February 7th, the Moon moves away from Ketu, marking the beginning of Kal Sarpa, where all the planets are within the grip of Rahu and Ketu (the North and South Nodes of the Moon).

This planetary 'yoga' is considered a challenging configuration on the mundane level—however, an exceptional Yoga for intense spirituality.

We will move out of Kal Sarpa on February 21st when Moon starts to move out of Taurus.

During the empty Moon:

  • Observe a day of silence and find your closest water hole in nature and go take a dip in it.

  • Start becoming aware of the restless energy of Mars- and in the next few days proactively direct it to spiritual devotion instead of just reacting to fiery situations around you.

  • The Kal Sarpa may cause intensity around us- globally. However, take it as an opportunity to dive deeper into your sadhana, like Japa practices; a daily mala repetition of MahamrityunJaya mantra can be helpful.

  • Until the Moon gains strength, better not to start (if possible) any new activity.

Each of us is affected differently by the planets, depend on their positions in our birth chart, Contact me to find out more how this transit affects you.

Love and Light,


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