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It's very interesting in the Cosmos, the celestial beings are having a ball.

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

This is what the near future holds for us,

To start with, On January 30th 2021, Mercury goes retrograde.

Mercury, responsible for personal and global communication, will give an extra boost of energy. We will feel it by the intensity and speed of the data coming our way, it can bring some confusion and frustration with it, especially once it moves to Capricorn on February 5th.

By now in Capricorn, are few planets together, (no social distancing here). Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Sun energies are all mixed up. These are powerful beings, having all of them in the same room will provoke celestial drama.

Once Moon moves into Scorpio on February 6th, joining Ketu.

Deep emotions may be experienced. We will feel intensely and passionately, and it can give rise to intimate insecurities and challenge our abilities to express our feelings/thoughts/emotions.

Life will demand inner clarity so be diligent with your internal voice, and try not to project on others emotionally.

Last party move is of Moon, he will join the others in Capricorn on February 10th 2021, that may extend our emotional, mental confusion.

So why to share this insight, doesn't feel very helpful...

My teacher always says if you know it's going to rain, keep an umbrella with you. Knowing the potential that comes ahead helps us to ground and prepare, like a farmer, sowing seeds now for a later season.

How precisely it will impact us depends on the planets' placement in our birth chart. If our natal Mercury is strong, the retrograde motion will not affect us as much. Other planets behave similarly, only those placements that are not yet mature enough will trigger us.

What to do if I am affected? Feeling anxious or restless?

The best tool we have is daily meditation. A simple 20 min morning meditation can help us remain grounded (preferably twice a day). Besides that, keep life simple for the next 15 days; don't start anything new (if possible) until the Moon grows stronger, pick your fights, reduce social media interaction, move slow and be mindful. Do daily Puja or light a candle and consider some mindful practice like breath-work, Yoga or Tai Chi.

"There is either Fear or Love. Choose Love."- Anand Mehrotra

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