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Holi Purim

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Purim- A fairy tale of royal Persians;

Sex, manipulation, bloodshed, plotting against the dangerous king and one very proud royal Vizier.

Haman, the Royal Vizier, being an astrologer, is scheming a genocide against the Jews on a specific day. It's not clear, but he could be a Macedonian Spy, plotting to divide the Persian kingdom.

The beautiful Ester enchants the king of Persia with her sexuality, becoming the new token queen and moves into the palace.

With the help of her uncle, Mordehai, they open the king's eyes to the royal Vizier Aman's evil plan.

When the king realises the evil plan, he hangs Haman and lets the Jews slaughter tens of thousands of people in retaliation. He then bestows them with freedom of religion.

So far, not much to work with; this story is as old as it gets. It could be a good movie!

So what is it with this story?

First Ester, that name is a Sumerian name, not a Jewish name, and it is derived from the name of the Goddess Ishtar. She was the most powerful feminine force on earth, equivalent to the Hindu Goddess Laksmi or Sri Lalita Devi.

Both goddesses are considered to be the deity of Venus and sit in our Heart Chakra.

In Hebrew, Hester means hidden; the hidden feminine force, behind the scene, what we also call Shakti.

Next, we have Mordehai. His name originates from the Sumerian God Marduk, Also the physical manifestation of the celestial Jupiter.

Third- Haman being an astrologer, manipulates the celestial energies to gain his desires. Making a Pur (faith/destiny) to choose an auspicious day for his killings.

Finally, both Aman and the Persian king in the story show a shallow level of consciousness, very demonic Asura like behaviour.

Aside from the drama, this day is a day for gathering. Jewish people meet, celebrate and unite, singing, eating and sharing time together. It is essential to realise that the stories are there to bring us together, to unite. The experience of unity is what is essential, not the stories... even if it is just to eat pagan cookies in the shape of a vagina. LOL

Holi, the Hindu holiday, is celebrated on the same day, in India signifying spring's arrival. It is a celebration of colours, love and forgiveness.

During the time of these celebrations, bring your eyes to the sky, and observe the super moon.

This full moon is brighter and more splendid than usual.

It will affect us mentally, emotionally, and like any other body of water, we also will experience its gravitational force.

The moon will be in an area of the sky (Nakshatra) called Purva Phalguni, the star of fertility, creativity and heart-based commitment.

Jupiter will also influence this full moon and inspire hope, gratitude and generosity.

Do you see the similarity to Ishtar and Marduk from the Purim tale?

Seems like Aman was correct with his observation of the sky. It is a very powerful time to make a Pur. The celestial alignment can give one great results. However, he failed to realise that nature moves in the direction of unity and love, not division and control. You cannot use these forces solely for your own egoistic benefits.

During these favourable days, celebrate the change of energy, acknowledge the divine goddess within us. Stay watchful of our lower mind tendencies. Use the power of your discernment and stay alert.

Purim, Holi and the supermoon are all a symbolic victory of good over evil.

This is a time for connecting with friends and loved ones, releasing past bitterness and hatred, uniting and celebrating. During these days, make sure your daily actions, sadhana and personal practice reflect that, and you will endure the blessing and support of nature.

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