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If you ever felt unacknowledged, ignored, tossed to the side, shammed, you experienced Dhumavati

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Did your partner or boss ever take credit for your work or didn't acknowledge your contribution? Did you ever feel that the leadership don't recognize your needs? A lover rejected you? Or even a disease that made you feel so bogged down that it's almost like life stopped supporting your existence. Within that rock bottom, that point of complete despair is an immense strength; you have nothing more to lose.

"It is only after we lost everything that we are free to do anything."

Looking within when in the low point is where you will find peace, an enlightening moment of dissolution, the essence of Dhumavati. The smoky one, holds us in the space of no clarity, the span between death and rebirth, that point of Void which is suspended from creative expression, asking us to let go. She is also called ALakshmi or Jyeshta- We all want to celebrate the abundance nature of Lakshmi, to feel that life supports us fully; create and find our own greatness. However, nothing in nature can be in high all the time. Waves in creation rise and collapse, and when the wave goes down and just before it rises again, at this point an older form of Kali, the aged wrinkly widow, await to give us her boon, her blessing. 2020 feels like that- from the absence of authentic leadership, worldwide pandemic, homelessness, the panic and lack of control; the rise of conspiracy theories (what are conspiracy theories if not the epiphany of smoke?). We all share a collective experience of her nature.

As you go within and see Dhumavati, allow yourself to stay still and be with her energy before tapping back into the relative reality. Consciously becoming aware of her is a very proactive way of living, this is how we ride the wave of Karma oppose to being tossed within the wave. To do that- Think about your biggest failures; business bankruptcy, a time of broken heart. Find her energy in a homeless person or in the nursing homes. She is the old lady that cursed the prince in the story of beauty and the beast. And sit with that energy for a few minutes, become aware of how it moves through you where do you feel it? In Astrology Dhumavati is seen in Ketu, the south lunar node; On September 23, 2020, Ketu will transit into Scorpio zodiac sign and depending on where it is in your natal chart it will affect you differently. So be aware during this transit, attune to her energy and when she comes, stay humble and receive the blessing with open arms and an open heart.

Dhum Dhum Dhumavati Swaha 🙏🕉🙏

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