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27th February Full Moon

And what a Grand finale for this Month, Moon in Magha Nakshatra.

After so many celestial phenomenons, it feels appropriate to finish with a royal event.

(See post for this month earlier events)

Magha is the Royal Throne, or a lion, a King.

This kind of king doesn't need to show his authority; he was born into it; he is part of a royal lineage.

A dignify ruler that is naturally aware of his throne and doesn't desire to go out and claim it.

What to practice during the full Moon-

This Full Moon is not for starting a new business, investing, loans. But a great time to honour your lineage, teachers, Gurus and your tradition. It is an auspicious nakshatra to gain cosmic powers (Siddis) to practice advanced, special Sadhanas.

Ask your self-

  • What is my rule in my family?

  • Do I fulfil my family duty?

  • Do I respect and represent my lineage well?

  • What kind of spiritual powers do I seek, what am I willing to do to achieve them?


1. How Magha Nakshatra affects your life? -Book an astrology reading.

2. Evolve with your own personal Yogic practice- here.

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