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True evolution is Holistic;

All aspects of our lives should expand.

To live in synchronicity and experience Flow in our life, we compel to align and remove any inner dissonance.

The ancient Vedic sages left us technology to do precisely that. 
We use it to elevate, improve and expand our lives in a Sattvic (holistic) way.

Vedic Astrology advises us about the person's journey, and the Yogic teachings, technics, Mantras and rituals are practised as remedies to align the energy and help individuals find a more refined, holistic path.

The interconnectedness between different Spiritual heritage and practices. 

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Feedback from our clients.....


Eran brings the wisdom of yoga, kriyas and meditation into his readings.

I appreciated his gentle approach, knowledge and his intuition. Thank you



ערן בדרך ההיתבוננות שלו האיר נקודות חבויות באורח החיים ובהיבט על החיים והיקנה לי כלים איך להפוך אותם יעילים יותר עבורי, עבור משפחתי ועבור החברה שאני חי בה. תודה ערן



I really enjoyed and was inspired by our meeting. I resonated with everything that came up and I was very moved by the way you conveyed the information and your wisdom.


Or N

The accuracy, the kindness and the depth of undesrtanding what i'm actualy going through and where i'm going to.

It was a great and refreshing experience



I signed up for the Menotring progrem with Eran, we meet weekly on Zoom,  it transformed me, I found a better version of myself. Love it. 



I am doing private Yoga classes with Eran via Zoom for the last 6 month and it's being Amazing, I feel grounded, I have much better clarity and I experience deep inner peace.

I Love the breath technics and the different Sattva practices that Eran is sharing.



I love attending Eran’s classes he has a deep understanding of the sattvic yoga path. Bringing both his masculine and feminine qualities to the practice. He holds the space with a compassionate and steady energy, allowing the students to feel secure in their practice



Amazing to see my life through the astrology chart, it really helped me understand myself better, and gave me the direction. With the personal practice I changed my habits. I highly recommend Eran, he is attentive, intuitive, and gave space for healing. Thank you.

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